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Glove battery set 4000 mAh

Glove battery set 4000 mAh

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Glove battery set 4000 mAh, for post-2020 gloves with "male" power plugs, delivered with multinational charger

The pair of Keis 4A lithium Li-ion batteries can be used to power various Keis products: gloves and vests for between 2 and 4 hours of heating, depending on the selected heating level. Each battery has a current rating of 2A.

Compatible with :

  • heated motorcycle gloves G301, G601, G701 and outdoor G801
  • heated vests V501RP, LadyB501WRP, B601RP

Not compatible with :

  • G102 and G701S heated gloves
  • Keis heated jackets J501RP, J505RP, J601RP


  • 2A capacity per battery, 4A total
  • weight: 150 g per battery
  • dimensions: L. 7 cm x W. 5.5 cm x H. 1.8 cm
  • charger 110V/240V EU standard
  • warm-up time: between 2 and 4 hours, depending on use
  • full mains recharge: approx. 2 hours per battery


  • two 2A Li-ion 12V batteries
  • charger for 110V/240V EU-standard mains socket


separate charger is available for recharging batteries from a vehicle's 12V/24V cigarette-lighter socket.

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