Keis heated gloves - How do they work?

Our range of heated motorcycle gloves includes a variety of gloves, each adapted to a specific use. However, the heating system, insulation and connection to a power source are always similar, and are described below.

G701 and G601: these gloves are designed for all-weather motorcycle use. Their long cuff allows them to be worn over a motorcycle jacket and accommodates small 4A batteries.

G701S: these gloves are also designed for all-weather use, but their short cuff makes them particularly suitable for urban use. They cannot accommodate small 4A batteries.

G301: these gloves are designed for very cold environments, such as snowmobiling or winter outings below 0°! They're the warmest in the range. They have a high cuff to block all ingress of cold air and accommodate small 4A batteries. Combined with a J505RP jacket, they're the ultimate combo for snowy adventures!

Our Keis heated motorcycle gloves keep your hands warm on the bike, enabling you to ride for long hours in the cold or rain. Thanks to Keis' patented heating system, they are much thinner than conventional winter gloves. The result is optimal grip on handlebar controls and motorcycle grips, and hands are not engorged.

Our Keis heated motorcycle gloves are CE-approved and have passed the tests of the European PPE directive EN 13594: 2015, level 1 KP.

Activating the heating system and adjusting the temperature (three levels) is a simple matter of pressing the KEIS button on the top of each glove.


Our approved heated gloves are built in 4 layers:

  1. a highly abrasion-resistant outer layer with a flexible protective shell
  2. a waterproof, breathable HiporaTM membrane
  3. an insulating 3M ThinsulateTM lining
  4. the patented Keis heat-generation system

1. Outer layer: protection

For G701 and G701S models, the glove's outer layer is a composite blend of ballistic nylon fabric and Spandex. Ballistic nylon is extremely abrasion-resistant and particularly tough. It retains its properties over the years. Spandex adds elasticity, making these gloves extremely comfortable to wear.

For models G301 and G601, the outer layer of the glove is a mix of leather and ballistic nylon.

2. Second layer: waterproofing

The glove's second layer consists of a waterproof, breathable HIPORA membrane. So hands stay perfectly dry! Not only does rainwater not penetrate the glove, but perspiration and hand moisture are wicked away. The gloves withstand a two-minute immersion under water, without any trace of moisture penetrating either the Spandex Ballistic fabric or, of course, the Hipora waterproof membrane.

3. Third layer: insulation

The third layer is the 3M ThinsulateTM thermal lining. Thanks to the Keis heating system, this inner lining is particularly thin, making the gloves much thinner and easier to handle than conventional winter gloves. The thickness of Keis heated gloves is similar to that of mid-season gloves, for efficiency ready to face the harshest winter.

4. Fourth layer: heating

Finally, the fourth layer consists of our high-performance Keis heating system, which extends over the entire top of the hand, from wrist to fingertips. This means that the fingers, which are normally the first to be cooled by the wind, are kept nice and warm. These heated panels rest on a polyester lining that comes into contact with the skin and distributes the heat evenly.

Naturally, the inner layers are sewn together to prevent the gloves from turning inside out in the event of wet hands. And, of course, these seams are positioned in such a way as not to pierce the HIPORA waterproof membrane.


Our gloves are designed to deliver our heat-generating technology where riders feel they need it most: the hands. Dual-Power technology enables power to be supplied in three ways: by two small Keis Li-ion batteries inserted in the gloves, by a large removable Keis 5.2A Li-ion battery, or by a vehicle's 12V battery.

1. Power supply from two small removable 4A Keis lithium batteries

This new power supply mode was requested by many customers, and we've done it! These two small batteries, each rated at 2A (supplied in pairs), fit directly into a small pocket in the glove cuff. Each battery powers the glove for several hours. This is a very practical system, as it eliminates the need to manage a long cable. It's the ideal system for busy urbanites! To use this power supply, please add the pair of 4A batteries to your shopping cart. Battery life is between 2 and 3 hours, depending on outside cold and the heating level selected on the glove (3 levels available).

The three models G301, G601 and G701 have a cuff large enough to accommodate one small battery per glove, in the slot provided.

The G701S model has a short cuff (S = SHORT) and therefore no space for small batteries. They are essentially powered either by the Keis jacket or directly by the motorcycle battery.

2. Keis 5.2A removable lithium battery

This battery will power your gloves for hours on end. Battery operating times are difficult to calculate, as they depend on conditions of storage and use, cold, and above all on the number of Keis products connected to it. In any case, the 5.2A battery provides over 6 hours of autonomy to power the heated gloves. The "Y" connector cable that runs along the arms and connects the gloves to the lithium battery is supplied with the gloves. The battery can be stored either in an inside pocket of your jacket, or in the small hip bag supplied with the battery. It's all taken care of! If you'd like to power your Keis heated gloves with this removable 5.2A lithium battery, then add it to your shopping basket.

Finally, if you're on the road for a long time, it's worthwhile and less expensive to power your gloves directly from the vehicle's battery, as described below.

3. Powered by the vehicle's battery

If you choose to power your gloves from the vehicle's battery, there are several solutions. These solutions are very practical for motorcycles, snowmobiles, quads or SSVs.

The first solution is the cable supplied with the gloves, which connects directly to the + and - terminals of the vehicle's battery. The "Y" connector cable, which runs along the arms and connects the gloves to the vehicle's battery, is also supplied with the gloves. This solution is therefore already included in the price of the gloves.

Other types of wired connection are also available as options (cigarette lighter, KET, SAE) in the Accessories section.


As explained above, heated gloves can be connected directly to the power source (vehicle battery or removable lithium battery). They can also be connected to another Keis garment, such as a jacket or vest, using the connectors provided with the gloves.

If you buy Keis gloves and a vest in the same order, the connection cables between the gloves and the vest will be offered to you and included free of charge in the delivery.

Connecting a Keis jacket (i.e. one with sleeves) to the gloves is even easier thanks to a cable integrated into the sleeves of Keis jackets.

This video shows you how to connect your Keis gloves to a J501RP jacket:

In this configuration, the jacket or vest will be connected to a power source, either the vehicle battery or a stand-alone Keis lithium Li-ion battery. This gives you a single power source for all your Keis heated garments.


Measure the circumference of your hand (i.e. both sides) and choose your size from the table below.


Non-supplied Keis Li-ion lithium batteries available here :

If you purchase Keis gloves and vest in the same order, the connection cables between the under-gloves and the vest will be offered to you and included free of charge in the delivery.