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Bluetooth power controller

Bluetooth power controller

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This new Keis temperature controller offers the same functions as the classic controller, with the addition of a Bluetooth function. Thanks to this connection and the free Keis app you can download, you can regulate the jacket temperature directly from your smartphone. This is particularly handy when your smartphone is already being used as a GPS device and is installed on the motorcycle's dashboard.

Download the apps on your cell phone here for Android and here for IOS.

This controller fits onto Keis jackets and vests, making it easy to select one of three heating levels for your equipment. This allows you to regulate the temperature supplied by your equipment. If your Keis garment is powered by a stand-alone lithium Li-ion battery, you can optimize the battery's heating time by reducing electricity consumption.

The temperature controller plugs into the outer left pocket of the vest or jacket in place of the small connection cable.

The controller comes as standard with the new J505RP vest. It is available here as a spare part, or to upgrade another Keis vest, jacket or pant.


  • Compatible with Keis jackets, vests and pants
  • Easy to operate even with motorcycle or ski gloves
  • Three temperature levels with LED display
  • Weather-resistant
  • Water-resistant (protection rating: IP65)
  • 10A overload protection
  • Bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone using the Keis app
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