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Vest to gloves connection leads

Vest to gloves connection leads

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Vest to gloves connection leads for post-202 gloves (gloves with "male" power plug)

This pair of Keis connection cables lets you connect your gloves and under-gloves to your vest using dedicated underarm plugs, so you have just one power source.

This cable is supplied free of charge if you purchase gloves or under-gloves with a Keis sleeveless vest in the same order.

It is available here as a spare part.

This cable is not necessary if you have a jacket with Keis sleeves, as the connection cables with the under-gloves are already integrated into the sleeves.


  • Sold in pairs
  • 2 connection cables between gloves/under-gloves and Keis vests
  • 1 male side to connect to vest under armpit / 1 female side to connect to glove (post 2020)
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