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Cigarette lighter / DIN power supply lead

Cigarette lighter / DIN power supply lead

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This Keis power cable for cigarette-lighter sockets lets you plug your clothes directly into your vehicle's 12V cigarette-lighter socket to supply them with power. Thanks to its removable red tip, this plug is suitable for both standard wide and narrow DIN-BMW-Triumph motorcycle cigarette lighter sockets.

This cable is particularly suitable for motorcycles, snowmobiles, quads, SSVs, convertibles, construction equipment, etc.

WARNING: before purchasing, check the amperage and power (watt) delivered by the cigarette-lighter socket you wish to use!


  • Quick and easy connection to a cigarette-lighter socket
  • Fuse protection supplied
  • Maximum load 10A (check the maximum load of your clothes)
  • DIN plug adapter included
  • 60 cm long cable
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