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Portable battery pack 5200 mAh with multinational charger

Portable battery pack 5200 mAh with multinational charger

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The Keis 5.2A lithium Li-ion battery supplies Keis products with energy. Heating time depends on conditions of use, heating intensity, outside cold, and the number of Keis heated garments connected. By way of example, this battery can power a V501RP or B501WRP heated vest from 2 to 6 hours by varying the heating levels. It can power the J501RP heated jacket from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the heating level.


  • 5.2A capacity
  • 4 LEDs monitor remaining charge by shaking the battery
  • weight: 360 g
  • dimensions: L.14cm x W.7.5cm x H.2.4cm
  • 110V/240V EU standard charger
  • Powerbank function via USB plug.
  • warm-up time: between 2 and 6 hours depending on use
  • full mains recharge: approx. 2 hours per battery


  • 5.2A Li-ion battery
  • charger for EU-standard 110V/240V mains socket


separate charger is available for recharging the battery from your vehicle's 12V/24V cigarette-lighter socket.
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